The Farm

We are proud to run a very low intensity farm where the welfare of all our animals is our primary concern.

At Tunstall Road Farm, we have:

  • Pedigree Hampshire Down sheep
  • Pedigree Kerry Hill sheep
  • Pedigree Hereford cows
  • Pedigree Belted Galloway cows
  • Hereford Friesian cross cows
  • Pedigree Berkshire pigs.

If you are interested in buying any of these animals please feel free to contact our Farm Manager or 07741 286115.

Tunstall Meat Company

Tunstall Road Farm (and our neighbouring farm, Manor farm) are farm assured and we provide grass-fed beef and lamb, together with pedigree pork from some of the rarest breeds, all reared on our land.

All of our products are free of the chemical and artificial additives and fillers that are found in commercially produced foods.

We send all our farm animals to a local abattoir just up the road in the Dales.

We deliver fresh produce anywhere in the UK.

Would you like to stock your larder before arrival? Just get in touch and we can let you know what meat we have available at that time.
Please contact for any further enquiries.

  • Contact Us

    If you have questions about booking one or both of our holiday cottages, please contact Helen Bell or Rebecca Hesp:

  • About Us

    Galloway House, The Farmhouse and Greendale Lodge are situated on a working farm just outside the village of Tunstall, North Yorkshire.

    Tunstall Road Farm is a low intensity working farm and we pride ourselves on quality and presentation. Quality in terms of the animals we rear and their surroundings and also with regard to the holiday houses that we have created. We feel we have breathed new life into this fantastic spot and we hope you will agree.

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